Project competition ready: Days 17- 22

I had high hope for this week, but if I have learned anything over the last 8 years of doing this exercise blog thing it is that sometimes the best thing you can do is rest and that forcing yourself to do things is not

I didn’t do nothing last week, but what I did do was less than I planned, and mid week was derailed by a migraine and feeling so rotten that I did a covid test… I didn’t have covid so that is a huge plus!

So essentially, what I did was walking, and yoga, but not the yoga 30 day challenge I intended to do, and by Sunday, at least I managed to do some accessory and conditioning work 🙂

As blow by blow accounts of my walks to and from work and are not that interesting, I will supply the rest of the update in pictures and will be back on track this week!

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