Project competition ready: day 24

And then there was running…

Well, sort of running, after this long a break from it I ma really not that great at the running just now. But That’s no reason not to do a thing. After all someone I know once said this:

Ok, it was me, I said it, but I put it on a photo of a beach, and that officially makes it inspirational!

Doesn’t it?

Anyway, the running… it took far more to get me out and running than I thought it would, mainly because I chose to run in my lunchbreak. Yes I know this is not new for me… but running in my lunchbreak, in London is new!


With people all around!

It was scary and I nearly chickened out, but I did it, and it was terrible… well actually runnign with the people around was fine because they pretty much ignored me (yay the indifference of Londoners) what I mean is I was terrible at the running. Not worse than I excepted really though!

It’s a start, and I will get fitter 🙂

Day 24 complete!

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