Project Competition Ready – Day 33

Remember the rules:

Well we are at the “expect the plan to go off the rails” stage, but I am not yet ready to throw away the plan!
The plan is not completely off the rails but it does have a bit of a wobbly wheel…

It is not so far off that I can’t pull it back mind you!

Ok I am just going to describe actual things rather than stretching my metaphor beyond all recognition…

Over the last couple of weeks I have not bee as dedicated to the lifing or cardio side of this project as I could have been. I have done walking, both to and from work and in my lunch breaks, I have done bits and pieces of yoga, and I have had PT so I have not been completely sedentary, but there have definitely been days where I haven’t done as much as I could have done.

So, to get the plan back on the rails without a wobble, I am going to pick up on today as day 33 and carry on from here. I guess that is slightly cheaty but I don’t want to abandon ship completely, therefore I am considering the last couple of weeks a hiatus and picking myself back up and carrying on!

After all, it’s my plan and my goal to move more so I need to choose the best wat to accomplish that!

Right, waffling over, on to today’s exercise!

Today I managed to get myself down to the shed gym during my lunchbreak and performed a fairly satisfactory shoulder / upper body push workout 😀

There I am, in the shed, and you also get a bonus picture of Mia cat and my new cerberus belt 😀 not to mention the newly re brightened hair 😀

I was pretty pleased with that amount of 40kg push presses I have to say! It felt hard, but that is ok! I managed it!

So there it is, new day, new start, Day 33 done 🙂

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