Project competition ready day 34 & 35

Things are definitely looking up in the moving about stakes…

As mentioned, I have been rubbish recently at gettign myself up and going, but I decided that this week would be different and so far it has been.

It started on Monday with the Lunchtime shed-gymming and has continued at a pretty satisfactory level so far!

Tuesday was a London day so moving around more throughout the day was easier, I have added simple things as I mentioned before, such as parking as far away as possible and taking the stairs. I also (of course) walk to and from the station in London.

Wednesday was one of those days where it seemed that I was trying to get all of my exercise in all at once… But quite honestly I loved it!
It started out with a before work PT session involving quite a lot of pushing heavy things up and down followed by some lifting heavy things 😀
(sled pushes, dumbbell RDLs and cable rows)

I look more worried in that picture than I really am!

Lunchtime involved a walk around Horsham park, this was partly necessity as I was waiting for my car to be MOTed, but I *could* have sat down with a coffee while I did that but I decided to walk instead!

The part of the day that really pushed my out of my comfort zone was the decision to go to a boxfit class in the evening! I mean it was previously a comfort zone so it wasn’t that odd, but it is not something I have done for a while! It made me remember how much I like hitting things and how much I actually like doing hard cardio as long as I am doing something I like. Its no good just doing cardio for the sake of it, I have to like it too 🙂

slightly evil grin!

Box fit is not always my first choice of hitting stuff activities, but my schedule is not making gettign back to savate very easy, no matter how much I’d like to, so I thought I’d give this a try!
It was run by a chap who seemed to know what he was doing, and someone I already knew from the old days of working out in the leisure centre with Matt the Trainer 1 (I just re-read that post and it was back in the day where punching stuff was normal but a 20kg kettlebell was not my normal go-to swing kettlebell!)

So, once I’d got over the fear of walking into a room full of people (actually not full there were only 3 other people in it) and been satisfied that the instructor wasn’t someone patronising. We got down to the general business of hitting stuff.
(when I say satisfied myself that they weren’t patronising, I didn’t ask or anything, I just remembered who they were)

It was a combination of fast/continuous punches interspersed with B/W type exercises and punch combos which reassuringly I could remember how to do, (I guess muscle memory is a thing :-D) It was hard work, much more cardio than I have done in ages, but that is a really good thing! I should mention that I had to partner with the instructor, which is good in one way, but also not so good as I had to do every exercise twice instead once once punching and once holding the pads. Still, it is good for me and I do like hitting stuff (not in a scary violent way honest).

I think I will go back to this class, I am sure I can wangle working from home on a Wednesday…

So that was day 34 and 35!

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