Janathon 2022 day 4 & 5: distracted by a ukulele

Yes, a ukulele you read that right!

Well actually, to be completely accurate, 2 ukuleles, but that is beside the point!

It hasn’t stopped me doing exercise but it has taken up quite a bit of my time…

This is extremely likely to be the reason that the exercise I did on day 4 (Tuesday) was only the Yoga with Adriene move session for the day. I say only, it was still hard, I am still at the yoga is hard stage of the programme!!

Day 5, Wednsday, started off with the first PT session of the year, which is good because I get to do lots of moving heavy things around before I start the work day and that makes me happier during the day 😀 It also means I get things done before the ukuleles get their grips on me!

It was a mixed session with lots of compound movements thrown in which was excellent! It started with Viking press and progressed through leg press, sled pushes, box squats and inclined bench presses!

There was also walking during lunch as it was sunny for the first time in ages!

There is a good chance there will be yoga later on too 😀 I’ll let you know about that tomorrow…

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