Project Competition Ready / Janathon Update…

Once upon a time there was a person who wanted to be fit enough to dance in a mask, so they set themselves up with a blog and a challenge. This person was all about cardio fitness and quite a bit about shrinking themselves, and consequently a do loads of stuff every day set of challenges was ideal…

Yes…that person was me, just in case that was not clear…

I started this project with the idea that setting myself up to do something everyday would spur me on and make me develop habits that would keep me dancing and make me smaller… Over the years of doing this I have not only changed my goals but I have developed a new understanding of what sort of training works for me. Especially considering the new goals…

I am no longer focused on shrinking myself, or living up to anyone else’s ideals of what I fit person looks like, I am no longer trying to fit myself into a mould! I am trying to be strong, ideally I’d like to be very strong, but also fit and mobile…

So, it occurred to me that trying to meet new goals by doing the same thing as I did for my old goals is not necessarily the best idea. So I have re-evaluated both Project Competition Ready and some of my January goals. The principle behind them both was good, and I am absolutely sticking to the move more, increase general fitness and flexibility ideals I set out. However, I have learned over the years that I need to listen to my body and actually take rest days. Especially as I am now training with quite heavy weights and big moves which are pretty taxing on your body!

So while Project competition ready is definitely going ahead (after all I want to compete again this year) I am not going to blindly force myself to work out every day.

Certainly not until I get my sleep sorted out and my routine sorted with my new London based job. Not that I am commuting at the moment, which is giving me the leeway to do a bit more than I would on commute days, but the point remains. I need to figure out how best to fit training in around commuting without forcing myself to do things that will make me train when I am really too tired to do it well!

All that being said, I have been doing quite a lot of stuff this past week and I may as well show you the pictures I too along the way… starting with the bench upgrade we have given the shed gym. the new bench is brilliant, much sturdier than the last one but still folding 😀 We tried it out over the weekend and it instantly made my bench press better and removes my fear of box squats…definitely wins there!!

Isn’t it lovely!

Of course there have been other things, there has been personal training, there has been walking, more shed gymming and even a Shaun T work out 😀

I do need to get back on board with the yoga though… more than that, I want to get back on board with the yoga. It makes me feel better in general when I do it 🙂

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