Reminding myself I love deadlifts!

You know me, I deadlift above everything, it is a recurring theme of my training.

Or at least it is until recently…

Recently, for no real reason I have been putting them off, and because I was putting them off I worried that I would be back in that “almost at 100kg but not quite” stage that I have been at so many times in the past. I was so in my own head about repeating the cycle again that I put them off more. Which, by all accounts, is a stupid reaction.

So on Sunday I got myself down to the shed gym and I did some 100kg deadlifts 😀

Not only did I do 100kg deadlifts, but I did sets of 3 and I did them beltless, which I think is a first for 100kg for reps 😀


After this successful conquering of the 100kg, I decided I could probably take over the world… However, instead of that I decided to do some block pulls instead. They were from 18″ which is a teeny bit high for block pulls, but exactly right for 18″deadlift practice, and they are a real strongman thing so I felt completely justified. I will do some from lower next time I promise.

Because I was feeling super enthusiastic, I attempted these without a belt…and completely failed.

Honestly it felt like they were glued to the blocks!

Not to be beaten however, I had a rest while mark did his, put a belt on then managed 1 at 120kg, 1 at 130kg and 1 at 135kg, which is a PB for any sort of deadlift or rack pull ever 😀 😀

I was extremely happy about all of this I can tell you!

Then, later that day and the following day, I was extremely achy! Back DOMS are killer! Happy to say they are nearly all gone now though 😀

I consider that this is definitely progress… oh, and of course we need a Paddington don’t we!

(because of the new PB (or Paddington Bear) or course 🙂 )

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