Project competition ready just got more important…

I started this project with the intention of getting fitter and stronger and feeling ready to compete again. I have been making progress and all that, but the general goal had no end date.

Until now that is…

Well, maybe not an end date as such but certainly a significant interim milestone…

OK, what I am trying to say is that I entered another strongwoman competition!

A strongwoman competition that is 2 months today!

Next Competition!

Well, there is nothing like a deadline to get a person going!

This is a one day competition which will be nice, I don’t think that is going to make it easy though!

The events are:

Axle (FTOH) reps – 37.5kg
Car deadlift – tyre only (approx. 100kg)
Conans wheel – 100kg
Frame Carry (10m return) head to head – 90kg
Stone over yoke Head to Head – 55kg

These range from doable (deadlift frame carry) through this technique is going to take some practice (axle press conan’s wheel) to, that weight is a challenge as well as the technique!

I mean, none of it is going to be easy and I definitely need to ramp up my endurance and foot speed training as well as figuring out how to do an axel clean!

But as I have said in the past…I love a challenge 😀

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