Well… I was after a challenge!

Not so long ago (last week actually) I told you that I had entered another Novice Strongwoman competition (read all about it).

I was happy about this, along with a little apprehensive, mainly because I have to figure out an axle clean, and don’t get me wrong I am still happy (and apprehensive) about this, but instead of just being happy with it, and taking my time preparing for it…I signed up for another one.

Yes, that’s right, I signed up for another competition, this one is not novice and not until September…


This one is really going to be a challenge!!

I am not at any of those weights yet so I have some work to do!

But… I wasn’t at any of the weights for my last comp when I signed up and I got there, and something to work for is good 😀

The only sad thing about these two comps, is there is no truck pull… but that just means I’ll have to find another one 😀

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