The best laid plans of mice and men..

So, on Sunday I was supposed to be competing in my second ever strongwoman competition.

I was prepared, I had worked hard to master the dreaded axle presses that had been plaguing me and I was undoubtedly better prepared than before my last one. What is more I had more or less banished the obligatory anxiety and had talked myself into believing that I could do the things I needed to do!

All systems were go…

Or so I thought until Saturday, when during the morning I went from feeling fine to feeling a bit snuffly, to feeling like my head was full of snot and someone had stolen my energy, all in the space of about 4 hours! It didn’t feel like it was going to abate any time soon either, so for once I did the sensible thing…

I messaged the organiser of the competition, and asked if I could switch to the next comp in June.

That was my face when I had to pull out of the comp and that is the new comp I have swapped into.

I was annoyed because I had just managed to talk myself into believing I could do all the things, and that I wasn’t going to make a massive fool of myself.

But honestly it was the best thing, I felt rotten for the next 4 days and wouldn’t have been able to lift anything, or stand up very well. I am finally starting to feel better (colds are not supposed to last this long!!) so hopefully I will be able to get back in the gym tomorrow!

Just so this post is not doom and gloom I’ll leave you with some pictures of my training up to the point where I got a cold. I managed to get the 50kg log overhead which is an awesome PB, I did 140kg trap bar deadlifts and was up to 110kg conventional deadlifts for reps, I was back up to 90kg squats and the crowning achievement was I had mastered axle presses up 40kg πŸ˜€

The strongman workshop that I go to on a Sunday has really helped my motivation and progress πŸ™‚ and I have asked Matt for a new programme so, as they say…onwards and upwards!


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