Motivation by the truck load…

It may be obvious by the general lack of updates, that the mop of demotivation has reared its dank and musty head once more

I have still been training, but it has been a little more sporadic than I would like, which means that, although I am making progress, it is slower than I want it to be.

So, in an effort to banish the mop and get myself going, I have (along with the 2 comps I am doing) entered a truck pull competition! Well, a truck pull anyway… it’s for the charity Sands (neonatal and stillbirth charity) and I have a feeling I’m the biggest competition will be with myself, I am just hoping to get these things moving!!

Yes yes I know, I have pulled trucks before and I love it! But this is a different kettle of whatsits altogether!

This time I am going to have to (attempt to) pull 3 trucks: a 13 tonne truck, a 22.5 tonne truck and a 50 tonne truck!!

Yes you read that right… 50 tonnes!! It is basically a big truck with a heavy thing sitting on its back because the heavy thing is not enough on its own!!

They look like this:

It’s going to be exciting… and hard!! But I really want to try and get that big thing moving, and if I can make some money for a god cause along the way then that’s even better!

Talking of money, if you want to sponsor me the I’d do a little happy dance in your honour!

Click here to sponsor me

So training for this is going to involve lots of leg strength and leg power! This is ok though as those are thing I really like training 😁 it fits in with the competition training I am doing too, but (and this bit is important) I am goi g to have to be much more consistent and dedicated!

As I said, I have been doing things, but I definitely need to do more and I will keep you all posted of how it goes… however this is the point in the post where I bombard you with pictures (and possibly a video or two to show you what I have been doing 😁

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