Covid stopped play…

I mean not like it did in 2020 where the whole world stopped, but it stopped my play…

and my work…

and my ability to do anything much.

All in all it was generally unpleasant and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. On top of that I had managed to go so long without catching it that I had sort of convinced myself that I wouldn’t. Not in a throw caution to the wind and do everything sort of way, but quietly I just sort of assumed that my precautions were working.

But it doesn’t take much to catch it and sometimes you end up in situations where it is more or less unavoidable (like work all hands conferences where you spend most of a day in an auditorium or break out room with between 100-200 people…)

So how bad was it? Well it was generally horrible, like bad flu (real flu with the fever and muscle aches etc) with a sore throat and cough that made my sides hurt and even drinking water painful! On top of that ridiculous fatigue and brain fog, and at one point as I said to my husband “I have foggy eyebrows”.

An no sense of smell, none at all, which is not actually debilitating, just really weird!

Then the thing they don’t tell you (probably because this is mainly anecdotal) is that all the muscle aches make any muscle niggle or old injury resurface to the point where you have plantar fasciitis and an inability to lift you arm above you head!

All I can say is that if it is this bad now, after 3 vaccinations and several mutations which have lessened the potency of this thing, I am REALLY glad I didn’t get it in the first wave!

If you haven’t had it, do your utmost to keep it that way. I don’t normally get badly affected by colds and flu but this think hit me hard, it hits some people even harder and there doesn’t seem to be any way to predict who it will hit hard and who it won’t.

I have recovered now, but I was left with the now infamous covid fatigue. It is an interesting thing, I absolutely believed people when they said they had fatigue after having covid, but until right now I didn’t really understand what that meant!

What it meant was a three to four week break in the energy needed to train! The intention was there but the energy just wasn’t, and for anyone thinking I could just work through it, this was a completely different thing to anything I have ever experienced before. It was a total lack of energy that just hit you like a wall.

Since then, life events have conspired to make my training less consistent than I would like, it sounds like an excuse, but I am realistic enough to know that life is just like that sometimes! There are a few things going on that are taking up time, they are temporary and not bad just time consuming… so I will get back to it, it just might be sporadic for a few weeks!

I haven’t done nothing mind you… I have been training for this giant truck pull which has rushed up in double quick time (eeek) and is this coming Sunday!

I will leave you with a couple of training videos and I will absolutely let you know how it all goes!

2 thoughts on “Covid stopped play…

  1. I haven’t had Covid yet. When l do, I have one thing I can say for certain: I won’t be pulling trucks a couple of weeks later. 😉

    I’m looking forward to hearing about your epic feats in this upcoming competition. x


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