53 tonnes!

One month ago I pulled a massive, 53 tonne truck!!

I have been meaning to tell you about it since then because it is one of the best things I have ever done and I am super proud of myself! This post is not about false modesty and any of that stuff, this post is 100% about shouting about my achievement because it was a brilliant and hard thing…and I did it!!

It was an event that was put on to support Sands the infant mortality charity, a charity that was close to the heart of one of the organisers. Its a pretty worthwhile cause, and it was nice to be doing something for a charity that is a bit smaller and a bit different (not that the big charities aren’t worthwhile, they are just pretty well supported already).

All in all the day was excellent, it was well organised and everyone was super supportive!

We started off first thing with a “lighter” truck as a warm up… by lighter I mean 13 tonnes which would have been the heaviest I had ever done and I was extremely happy after I did that one! Funnily enough this was the one I was most nervous about… and I think that was mainly because I had forgotten that there would be a lot of people watching me 😀

the little lorry!

This was already a personal best! The heaviest I had pulled before was in my competition a year ago, and it was 10 tonnes…

So that was that, I was already super proud of me, so anything else was a bonus!

That being said, I was pretty confident that I’d get the next one moving which was 20 tonnes, not 100 % sure I’d get it to the end of the course but as long as I got it some of the way I’d be happy! So my turn came along and up I went…the 20 tonne truck was absolutely massive but I was looking forward to it by this time!

Look at it…it’s massive…but as I kept pointing out, it was empty wo effectively it was mostly air…

I did this one too!! I was so pleased, and it actually felt a little bit easier to get going, this is probably something to do with being warmed up, and tyre smoothness and all sorts of other factors which contribute to a truck pull. It’s not all about the weight of the truck, although that is the bit that sounds impressive 😀

So now I was really excited, I had done 20 tonnes, there was just one more to go, the 53 tonne low loader / heavy plant machinery combo! This one was an unknown quantity to almost everyone, I had all said all along that if I just got it moving a tiny bit then I would be happy! Of course I wanted to go the whole way and stepped up prepared to give it my absolute best!

53 tonnes!

I did it!!


I pulled a 53 tonne truck 20 (ish) meters using nothing but my legs and arms, and as I kept yelling at everyone as they went past…little steps, lots of little steps!

There is not much else to say, I am elated, and even a month on I am trying not to just drop it into every conversation I have! I am really proud of this, it is not something that many people even attempt, let alone achieve!

5 thoughts on “53 tonnes!

    1. ❤️❤️ thank you ❤️❤️ I am not sure why I made it look easy, but other people said I did too… I think it’s because I’m short with short legs… it seems to be an advantage (for once)


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