Get right back to where we started from…

Traditionally on this blog I am all about the 90s pop culture references… well this one is a teeny bit earlier as it is from 1989 but I couldn’t resist!

Ok, enough of all that lets get to the point…

Yes, there is a point!

If you are a long time reader you may have noticed that things are a bit quieter around here than they have been in times gone by. There reason for this is an increase in general busyness and a decrease in motivation!

Do you remember the Mop of Demotivation? (If not, have a look at this) well, the dreaded implement of doom has reared it’s musty head once more, and honestly I am less active than I have been for a very long time, not quite as I was way back at the start of Project Fit Enough to Dance in a Mask, but pretty close.

There are reasons, there always are, and I am not going to start in on the “no excuses” rubbish, sometimes life just gets in the way of things but I am not happy about it and so I am going to fix it in the time honoured Warrior Goddess way, I am going to start a project in which I do something every day. I have done it before and it stuck with me for a really long time and has taken me to some really interesting places (truck pulling, personal trainer certification, strongwoman comps, and of course lots of dancing way back when!)

It has just come to the time where I need to put a bit more effort in to actually get myself moving again. I am not out, I never will be, even if I have a hiatus I’ll be back… which leads me to the name for this project…

Project Unstoppable!

Its a good name isn’t it πŸ˜€ it is simple, and effective, but it is going to be hard work because I have a lot going on which seems to to be fuelling that damn mop! However, I know from past experience that I feel better when I move around more, physically and mentally so this is what I am going to do:

30 mins of movement every day for the next 365 days (yes, really 365, as I said, right back to where we started from!)
– Movement can be gym stuff, cardio, walking, or yoga, or anything as long as it is genuine intentional movement.
– 30 mins can be split up throughout the day, if it is one of those unavoidably hectic days

Yes, I know it is weird starting a 365 project on the 9th November but the last one started at midsummer so we are not conventional around here. Also If I waited for a “significant” date like the first of the month or the new year, I’d just get more demotivated so 9th November it is! After all 365 days on from any date is still a year!

Disclaimer: I will do my level best to blog every day but I might have to do some combined day posts, and you might get days where I just give you photos or videos.

Oh and I have started this off on TikTok too so I will be attempting to post there or on Instagram too…

6 thoughts on “Get right back to where we started from…

      1. That will definitely help! I also recommend setting some sort of outlandish challenge and telling the world about it that way you have to do it!
        If I could share energy I would 😁


      2. Outlandish challenge sorted: Aiming to run 100 miles in 25 hours in June, deferred from this year when I got COVID six weeks before the event. Maybe telling people is the missing part! Also, getting rid of the last vestiges of long-Covid insulin sensitivity randomness, which finally seems to be wearing off


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