Project Unstoppable Day 2: Yoga and Shoulders

More yoga! As I said previously, doing yoga always makes me think I should do more yoga… so I thought I’d try to take my own advice!

It was office break yoga and I genuinely did it as a break from work in between meetings and it was definitely a worthwhile thing to do! I used to do yoga while working from home, and it is well and truly a habit I want to reinstate 😁

The other thing I need to do more of is rehab for my longstanding shoulder injury and my new bicep injury that I got falling in a rabbit cage.

Yes a rabbit cage, I can pull a 53 tonne truck without damaging myself but go to feed a friend’s rabbit and I trip up and yank my arm!

Anyway, rehab it was with my trusty green stretchy thing!

All in all it was a pretty good day of stuff! And…Throughout all of this I was watched by a molly cat 😁

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