Project Unstoppable Day 4 -7: Weekend walking and weekday workouts

I said I’d have to combine days on occasion and it was always likely to be the weekends (ok and Mondays and Tuesdays too) πŸ™‚

Not to worry though, I got my exercise in and that is the main thing. Saturday (day 4) involved dashing around the country to visit houses we ma or may not (more likely not) be buying in the near future, but in the midst of this we managed to get ourselves out for a bit of an amble along a very pleasant footpath liked with trees… it was extremely picaresque and well worth a leg stretch!

Look I’ll show you:

There was also yoga when I got home, because yoga is something I am remembering that I enjoy!

Sunday (day 5) was s dull and rainy day in which I was distracted by many many thoughts and annoyances…

After a bit procrastination I was reminded that moving about makes me feel better. So I took myself off to the shed gym and did a little bit of cardio in the form of Insanity Max 30 Cardio Challenge. I was also reminded that this constitutes a lot of cardio not a little bit. There is something about a Shaun T work out that pushes you really hard however long it actually is you always reach the end completely worn out! I do like it though, and it did exactly what I wanted it to, it made me move about and stopped my brain worrying!

I even put it on tiktok

The next two days, Monday (day 6) and Tuesday (day 7), were those busy sorts of work days where you fit in what you can, so they both involved yoga and some shoulder rehab.

I have to say this shoulder rehab is making my shoulder/bicep injury a lot better… Noone tell Matt the Trainer or he’ll just say he told me so πŸ˜€

Yes I did do yoga in dungarees yesterday… It wasn’t as awkward as you might thing as that particular yoga is designed for office clothes!

And yes… I do get watched by cats every time I do anything!

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