Project Unstoppable Days 8 – 12: Not only yoga…

Mostly yoga, but not only yoga!

Day 8 was Wednesday, it was another horrendously rainy rainy day here in the UK! Yes I know we should be used to it but somehow it is even more rainy than normal… This is relevant as it is curtailing my desire to do outside activities. I did however do yoga, two lots of yoga in fact 🙂

Day 9 (Thursday) was the day I decided that my lower back and hamstrings needed a bit of the yoga treatment after sitting around all day. I mean I was working, not “just ” sitting around, but my work involves writing things so sitting around is appropriate!

would you believe I can do that leg stretch-up thing (well I can and I was surprised too)

Day 10 (Friday)

Friday was PT day… and slightly unusually I had it in the afternoon which was nice for a change. I made use of someone else’s strongwoman equipment and we did heavy (50kg per hand) carries and holds along with some sled pushes.

Day 11 (Saturday)

Shed gym time! I decided that cardio was in order again and thought that it was about time for some cheesy dancing in the form of Shaun T’s Rockin’ Body. Honestly this is not my sort of dancing but I like doing it because it is quite a fun way to get cardio even if I look awkward and confused 😀

Day 12 (Sunday)

More yoga to end the week!

I know this is not fully caught up but I will do the next weeks worth of exercises much quicker I promise. Well I’ll do the blog post for them much quicker, I have already done the exercises and they were standard and appropriate speed 😀

Funnily enough, this project is already working, I am feeling better moving and in general which is the entire point 😀

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