Project Unstoppable Day 13 – 24: Mainly photos

Welcome to the obligatory photo/video based catch up post 😀

Following this I will do my absolute best to update you all somewhat more frequently!

Never fear however I have been doing my movement and getting myself going even when I didn’t really want to* and as I said previously it is starting to make me feel better 😀

*in the interests of total honesty (which is what we do around here) there have been a couple of days where I was beaten by a migraine and couldn’t really do anything other than sleep so I have skipped them in the numbering so they will automatically be tagged on at the end.

So, it has still mainly been yoga, which is nice to get back into tbh, and I decided to do a 30 day yoga journey, but those were the plans foiled by the migraine… there has been a lot of yoga though!

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