Happy New Year

Happy new year and all that…

Although, honestly, I do keep forgetting it is new year. Things are so strange at the moment, in a sort of hectic and static waiting sort of way!

hectic and static in that way that happens when you are moving house but everything is in the hands of the solicitors and you have no control, and also in that way when you are waiting to end one job and start the next… I’ll tell you more about both of those things once they are properly sorted, but for now this is the traditional post about new years goals and the like, because whether I remember it or not, it is a new year!

SO… goals…

honestly I totally forgot to set any 2023 goals, partly because when I was setting up my bullet journal I moved straight on to drawing the January front page because I wanted to draw snowflakes, and partly because I am not looking past moving house and job.

Ok so actually the first one of those reasons is totally the reason but the second bit makes me look a little more credible…

So instead of that I decided to set new goals every month. Some of them might carry over but monthly goals it is for now.

Firstly, project unstoppable is carrying on even though I have not actually posted about it for a while, I may rebrand slightly and call it Project Unstoppable 2023, but we will just have to wait and see.

My January goals are not very different from the goals I normally set, they involve things I like doing and that generally benefit me. What with all the other life things going on, I decided to set myself some fairly achievable (but not super easy) goals to leave me time to sort houses and jobs out.

First of all, it is the time of year when Adriene from Yoga with Adriene sets us all a new 30 day yoga challenge, and as is now my tradition, I have signed up for it. I am doing better than last year already and it is only the 4th Jan!

I have also committed to going to the gym at least twice a week, and packing a box every day to prepare for the move. And just to I am exercising my creativity and brain as well as my body and my house move, I have decided to continue playing the ukulele for 10 mins per day (until I have to pack them all I suppose) and write a Haiku every day. I miss the little world of Haiku I created a year or two ago so I thought I’d add to it 😀

Of course, as is also now a tradition, I have started a bullet journal to keep track of all of this… it seems to be the only sort of planner I can actually keep up with (sort of)

Lets go 2023!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year!
    Congratulations on all your events and achievements last year. I went a little bit AWOL for most of the year and have finally caught up with your posts.
    You’ve done better than I have with goal setting for 2023. I haven’t set any, yet, although I did set up my habit tracker for January. I guess they are goals?
    Best of luck with your house and job moves. I hope you’ll still have a shed gym.
    Take care.

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