Well, this seemed appropriate…

What are your favorite physical activities or exercises?

WordPress has started doing these daily prompts to inspire ideas for blog posts… This may be new, or it might have been around for ages and I just didn’t notice until last week. Whichever one if those is true, I spotted this one today and it felt like an appropriately on topic question for me to answer. After all this blog has been predominantly about exercise and the like with occasional sojourns into feminism and what ever else seems to be on my mind.

It’s actually not as easy as it sounds to chose a favourite… At one time it would have been dance, you remember those days, the project fit enough to dance in a mask days…

Those days were fun, they had their brilliant moments, but they are gone and at least some of the time, I don’t miss them…

Now my favourite exercises look a lot like this:

And this:

And my absolute favourite thing is this:

These are the things that make me feel like a superhero!

A superhero that no longer needs to wear a mask to dance or do anything else!

Always do the things that make you feel like a superhero! Or at least the things you love and that might make you feel like a superhero one day!

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