About Project Warrior Goddess

axeSo, I thought I’d better write a little bit about what Project Warrior Goddess is all about. After all, it has inspired a blog name change and new look.

It has also inspired a whole new attitude for me when it comes to exercise and healthy eating.

By “inspired a whole new attitude”, I mean rekindled the original attitude I had when I started Project Fit Enough to Dance in a Mask 5 years ago.

But first things first, Project Warrior Goddess is the amalgamation of two projects; the original “fit enough to dance in a mask” project where I was focused on getting fit enough to dance my way through a summer dancing season without dying or looking a fool, and a brand new project entitled “fit enough to live without a mask”

The aims of  Project Warrior Goddess:

New new aims coming soon!! 

  • Regain enough fitness so that I can dance as much and as often as necessary without feeling like I am the fat one people put up with.
  • Gain enough confidence in my legs and my fitness that I could do additional dancing without having to hide myself behind a mask to do it.
  • Alter my shape such that I am not embarrassed by myself.

How am I going to achieve these aims (general):

  • Move more. Lots more. Move every day, and move fast as often as possible. By which I mean achieve a good balance between weights and cardio
  • Return to functional and plyometric training.
  • Track the food that I am eating to regain control over my consumption and ensure that I am not just eating all the food.

This is a very similar aim to the original aim of the 365 project that kicked this whole thing off, but with one interesting focal point that I wasn’t so aware of, or possibly so forthcoming about in the beginning. The new point of focus is that of my own confidence, in my legs and in myself. I have recently (over the last year) become aware of just how important mental health is to overall health and fitness. No matter how dedicated I am to fitness I can sabotage and derail myself like you wouldn’t believe if I don’t pay attention to my mental health too.

Project Warrior Goddess is all about fight. Fighting against the psycho in your own head who tells you you are worthless, fighting against against the voices that tell you not to bother to exercise, fighting against the assumptions that you can’t do something because you haven’t got societies “ideal” body type.

It is so much about fighting that there is a poem about it, and an axe as a logo!

Time to stand
Time to fight
Time to turn and face the light

Never beaten
Never broken
My inner warrior goddess has spoken

Here I am, ready to fight!


I thought I’d update this page to note that I am, at the moment, not dancing and I am not working towards being fit for dancing. I am working towards being fit to live, and to be me and because I have, over the last few years, discovered that I love all of the gym/fitness stuff I write about.

I love dancing, I am just not doing it right now… there is a full explanation of why in this post: https://wordpress.com/post/midsummer365project.com/9205

As I say I love dancing, but the judgement and the body shaming has destroyed what it all meant to me and left me with very mixed feelings about Mythago.

So what about Project Warrior Goddess…what about the fight?

That is still going on, it is time to fight against shaming and against stereotypes and against judgement!

Its also time to fight to be fit enough to pull a truck…but Ill have to write a new page about that!