About Me

Hello good people and welcome to my somewhat offset 365 project.

This is a page about me, I am many things including and impromptu artist, a photographer, an engineer and document writer, a Morris Dancer and an avid hat wearer!

Update on day 158: I would quite happily say, that as well as those things, I am absolutely and exercise and fitness obsessive! I love it and am all about trying new and exciting ways of getting fit as well as tried and tested methods!

Running through all of this is the desire to create things that people like to look at/watch/read/secretly laugh at (well…this is always a possibility when you wear a top hat to tescos). I just want to make people smile who read this blog, or at least think…but mainly I want to tell people all about the exercise I am doing so I keep on doing it!

I like to find beauty in the mundane, to make ordinary, often overlooked items and turn them into things people want to look at…I also like to dance…and this is me…dancing…I am the one in orange 🙂

If you want to read a bit more about why I started this journey, I wrote a post which explains some of it here:

mythago morris
mythago morris


    1. Thank you 🙂 I needed to strike while the motivation was high and midsummer seemed as good a day as new years day and without the pressure!
      Day 219! wow… well done 🙂


      1. it almost already is 🙂 but i tend towards obsessive…so I am relying on obsession to get me through until habit kicks in…and it is fun trying out new things to keep every day’s activity interesting 🙂


  1. Hi Sam
    I’ve really been enjoying your blog over the past few months. You add humour to the most mundane of subjects – recollecting what exercise you have done. So, when I was nominated for the Liebster Award and asked to nominate blogs as part of accepting the Liebster Award, you were one of my nominations. I don’t know if you have decided whether or not to accept Awards for your blogs but just in case you do…
    the details are on http://fisefton.wordpress.com/2014/01/12/liebster-award-2/


  2. Gadzooks, what’s all this? Think I’m in the right place…

    Love you blog madam, positive, original and inspiring. I kept finding your comments on blogs I follow and they made me giggle muchly, (i think the latest one was something to do with gin flavoured honey) so thought I’d best ramble on over and take a peek. Best of luck and keep it up! Write on. S. X.

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    1. hello and welcome to my vaguely exercise related ramblings! Good to see you here!

      Ahh yes…gin flavoured honey, a marvelous thing marred only by the moral implications of getting bees drunk… and the possible waste of gin!


  3. Just a thought, but as a Morris Dancer you presumably have a certain liking for folk music; I came across Mak’s blog a couple of months ago, which might interest you. This is the link to an almost random post, but he has many more in the same vein. And he doesn’t have many followers, because the world is a strange and lonely place.


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