Who am I?

I have updated my about page…I thought it was about time 😀 https://midsummer365project.com/about/

My new strongperson toy is no yoke!

Actually that may be one of the most inaccurate titles ever because my new strong person toy is actually definitely a yoke! But who can resist that sort of pun […]

What is the plural of Stoltman?

Stoltmen? Stoltpeople? Stoltmans… I think it is probably Stoltmans, but that just sounds wrong. I might just cut my losses and refer to them as Tom and Luke Stoltman, just […]

Aging and how to avoid it…

TL:DR You can’t, and we need to stop thinking that women are only worth revering if the are (or look) young. Come on, really, if you have read this blog […]

Back to the grindstone…

Ok, I don’t really think my training is a grindstone. I nearly always enjoy it, otherwise why do it!! But my point is, now I am back from holiday, I […]

Stop telling me to smile!

This is a topic that has been covered before… More people than just me are talking about this, and indeed have been talking about this for a long time! Despite […]