Day 87: awful running, awesome pump

Good morning 🙂 well Monday was a day of varying enthusiasm… I was extremely enthusiastic about running after Saturday’s fun 🙂 So I decided to capitalise on this and go […]

Day 86: The Sunday after the race before

Good morning 🙂 I awoke Sunday morning expecting extremely achy legs, and was pleasantly surprised! I had tight calves (but then I always have tight calves) and hamstrings (but they […]

Day 84: resting pilates

Good evening 🙂 I would like to start by saying, that I realised too late what I should have named yesterday’s walk post…It amused me so much that I had […]

Day 81: Keep on running

Good afternoon 🙂 woohoo 🙂 I had a successful return to running today 🙂 I decided to move on to week 6 day 1 instead of re attempting the 20 […]

Day 80: Boxercise pump combo

Good day 🙂 My fundamental problem with boxercise…is it is not boxing… but this is my problem…not the classes problem. If I walk into a boxercise class expecting to be […]