Day 34: Thursdays are always tricky…

Good evening 🙂 today has been a very sleepy day, a fact that thwarted my plans of early morning running and morphed them into evening shuttles and hula hoops. I […]

Day 33: Rhapsody in Orange

Good evening 🙂 Guess what today’s activity was…welll yes…it was dancing…it is Wednesday…it is in fact Wicked Wacky Stick Wednesday 🙂 However today was a Morris practice with a difference, […]

Day 32: smile at the runners

Good morning 🙂 To the man who gave me a nice friendly smile on my last running interval of my (Day 1 week 1) c25k today I say thank you, […]

Day 31: extra dancing in kitchen

Good evening 🙂 It is Monday so officially it is circuit training day, but  first I have to mention that this fitbit thingummy  has had a peculiar effect on me! […]

Day 28: perfect hot weather work out

Good evening 🙂 today has been another hot day filled with unbearable sitting down in an office. My fitbit obsession continues and I am still trying to find as many […]

Day 26: fitbit and clashing sticks

Good evening 🙂 It is Wednesday, this can only mean one thing…it is wicked wacky stick Wednesday! for the uninitiated this means Mythago morris dancing practice. This means it is […]