Day 67: GPS discrepancies aside…

Good evening 🙂 I discovered that there might be a tiny problem with the c25k app on my phone…well…the app works well with regards to telling me when to run […]

Day 66: Pump up the Jam…

And no matter how many times I have done body pump, they have never used the song Pump Up the Jam by Technotronic for any of the tracks…I think they […]

Day 65: Personal Training…on a Sunday!

Good evening 🙂 Yesterday (as you might be able to tell…) was Sunday, and I for some reason, organised a Personal training session, at 9 am. Sounds enthusiastic…well yes it […]

Day 64: early morning run in the rain

Good evening 🙂 It is Sunday evening and after a busy weekend, I am writing up Saturday and Sunday’s activities. Starting (traditionally) with Saturday. As I had a busy day […]

Day 63: a day of realisation

Good afternoon 🙂 I realised a couple of things today…A couple of things that will probably seem really obvious but I am sometimes a little slow when it comes to […]

Day 61: A dancing record

Good evening 🙂 This is yet another late posting due in part to my not feeling like blogging when i got in last night, and this was compounded by an […]

Day 59 (part 2) Farewell to circuits

Good morning 🙂 After the success of the lunchtime running and because it was Monday and this is what happens on a Monday I was looking forward to circuits class […]