Self acceptance, success and sickness…

Alert alert!! I have had a cold! I had a cold and I was very cross about it! I hate having colds! I had forgotten how much I hate them because I have had an unusual streak of good luck and not had a cold for a 2 possibly 3 years! You might be able…… Continue reading Self acceptance, success and sickness…

I’m still worthy!

I have come to realise that to some people, I will always be defined by my weight, as will my capabilities. To some people, it doesn’t matter what I do, and what I say, my weight will always be an issue that needs dealing with. We live in a society where it has become a…… Continue reading I’m still worthy!

Never let a hot dog dictate your mood!

Its good advice…you know it is! There might be some as yet undefined circumstances where a person’s mood can be profoundly effected by a sausage inna bun* but in general, no. Ok this post isn’t just an elaborate ruse to get (yet another) discworld reference in, I promise! I do have a point. Recently I…… Continue reading Never let a hot dog dictate your mood!

What to do about “problem areas”

Accept that problem areas are not a real thing, they are a societal construct designed to keep women subjugated, paranoid and spending money on unnecessary products. You weren’t really expecting me to tell you what to do about problem areas in a quick fix sort of way were you? Well, actually, I will give you…… Continue reading What to do about “problem areas”

I’m not what you expect me to be, but that’s okay…

This isn’t a self deprecating post I promise!! In our (and any) Society, certain norms are established by popular consent, and these days, by social media. People are expected to fit into certain moulds, and if they don’t their validity is questioned. It is pervasive throughout society, that if you don’t act/look/feel a certain way…… Continue reading I’m not what you expect me to be, but that’s okay…

Reboot day 37: Awesome tuesday!

Not even just awesome for a Tuesday either! Awesome in its own right! It started bright and early with a PT session. Unusually for this time in the morning I was awake and enthusiastic… I guess 4.5 hours sleep fits my sleep cycle… Anyway, to add to the daft that I was awake and suchlike,…… Continue reading Reboot day 37: Awesome tuesday!

Reboot day 9: Personal training…with battleropes

Battleropes, and kettlebells, and core bags and bench presses and everything!! So…it is Tuesday, which is PT day, and last week I mentioned that I had told Matt that I needed to do more cardio training. He has taken this on board which is a shame… OK…not it isn’t a shame, I really do need…… Continue reading Reboot day 9: Personal training…with battleropes

Reboot day 8: don’t worry I don’t have a broken heart! 

After all the excitement of the weekend I declared today a rest day!  No of course that doesn’t mean I did nothing…that would be a rubbish cop out on day 8!! Active rest is a thing 😁 I actually did two things, they were just slightly more gentle things than usual…  The first of those…… Continue reading Reboot day 8: don’t worry I don’t have a broken heart! 

So, I did the thing…

You know…the thing where I had to walk, in a bra, overnight… yeah…that thing… OK…I sort of did the thing… I am really annoyed and angry to tell you that I failed to finish the thing due to my stupid foot playing up and making it impossible to walk… The foot that got plantar fasciitis…(I…… Continue reading So, I did the thing…

Body Positivity

I am not putting up that picture to show off… This is not a look at my weight loss etc post or picture…although to be completely honest it is good to remind myself how far I have come once in a while… The whole point of this picture is it represents a fundamental change in…… Continue reading Body Positivity