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Category: challenges

So this new thing…

Ok…firstly…why do I insist on doing new things that absolutely terrify me! The class yesterday combined my fear of talking to people with my fear of new groups and my […]

Dear Running…

Dear Running, I think we should take a break… We have had our good times, but recently not so much…and after Sunday I think I have reached my limit! I […]

Well this came around quick!

So, this morning, I saw this and it scared me! This is not as many days as I would like there to be between me and 13.1 miles of “running” […]

Update: I Destroyed the Ring!!

You may remember that sometime in the dim and distant past, I set out on a walking challenge…to go to Mordor! By dim and distant past I mean 5th November […]

Things to do in 2015

No, I am not making new years resolutions. I don’t do that! I start things when I think of them and consider that every day can be a new start […]

Janathon day 4: done

And then there was walking… And more walking… 20km of walking to be exact 😀 Today was the first training walk for our 100km Grand Union Challenge which is happening […]

Janathon day 2: done

I must remember that running in disused railway lines / footpaths surrounded by trees is scary when it is getting dark!! Why do I always forget!! Probably because it was […]