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Category: challenges

I did it!

I may have just ever so slightly passed my Level 3┬áPersonal Training Assessment this weekend ­čśÇ By ever so slightly I mean completely! So that is it, I can now […]

In conclusion June was…

Awesome!! how could it be anything other than awesome! I finished my 365 project in it…which heralded the┬ácompletion of the overall giant ongoing challenge…in a hugely successful way… go and […]

Jump Around…

  …Jump around, jump up, jump up and get down! Because we haven’t had a 90s music reference for such a long time… hours at least… anyway…Jump around seemed like […]

What Next?

Where do I go from here? How do I follow such an awesome 365 project? What is the logical next step? Year of pizza and cake? that has a certain […]


365 days have passed since I rather rashly declared to the world that I would do some form of exercise or activity every day for the next year, and the […]

Extra: That was May, this is June…

Well…that was May, that really flew by didn’t it! What a month it was, with 3 weekends of dancing and 1 weekend of training training, it was the end of […]

Extra: May Challenge

      After April’s disastrous get myself up early challenge where I discovered that I might actually be a panda┬áI thought I might choose a challenge for May that […]