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Category: Janathon

Janathon day 11: done

It’s Sunday it’s 10am it’s time for Pilates! 😀 😀 First Pilates of the year and I loved it! I have not been since between Christmas and new year which […]

Janathon day 10: done

First there was yoga… Yes more yoga, this is unusual for me but I am really trying to get my head around it and incorporate more info my routine. I […]

Janathon day 9: done

Today there was walking 🙂 11km of walking in 2hours 🙂 I took advantage of my early finish Friday to go on another training walk for the Grand Union challenge. […]

Janathon day 8: done

one of my secret goals this year is to exercise in the mornings more than once a week… It is secret because I am not very good at mornings and […]

Janathon Day 6: Done

Or “ways to avoid getting crushed by a building” It is Tuesday, and we all know what that means…it is PT day of course 🙂 and along with PT comes […]

Janathon day 5: done

I sometimes wonder where I get my bright ideas from… What ever possessed me to think that after 3days running followed by one day of walking 20km should be followed […]

Janathon day 4: done

And then there was walking… And more walking… 20km of walking to be exact 😀 Today was the first training walk for our 100km Grand Union Challenge which is happening […]

Janathon day 3: done

I ran! Again!! That is 3 days in a row and the third day of increasing distance! I was faster than yesterday too 😀 Ok…this was probably because I wasn’t […]

Janathon day 2: done

I must remember that running in disused railway lines / footpaths surrounded by trees is scary when it is getting dark!! Why do I always forget!! Probably because it was […]