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Category: Mental health

About yesterdays post…

I thought I’d write a followup post to yesterdays. Yesterdays post was exactly how I was feeling in one moment of the day, well more than one actually, I woke […]

I feel like I am nothing

I sit here broken. I am smashed. I am shattered. I am pieces held together by will power and trousers. The slightest knock would leave me scattered on the floor, ready […]

Advice for the “well meaning” friend

You may have a friend /colleague/family member who you think is overweight, and their weight is, in your opinion, causing them problems. You may think you will do the “right […]

What if…

What if we lived in a world that genuinely disregarded gender as a way to dictate what people should and shouldn’t do. What if we lived in a world where […]

The other side of health…

I talk a lot on here about exercise and physical health. As I started writing this on World Mental Health day it seemed only right that I talk a little […]