The best laid plans of mice and men..

So, on Sunday I was supposed to be competing in my second ever strongwoman competition. I was prepared, I had worked hard to master the dreaded axle presses that had been plaguing me and I was undoubtedly better prepared than before my last one. What is more I had more or less banished the obligatory…… Continue reading The best laid plans of mice and men..

I found some strongperson friends!

I’m so happy ’cause today I found my friends… They are not in my head! Ok I met some more strong person friends, Ok, some of the same ones and some new ones… What I am trying to say is that a coach near me has started running a strongman workshop on a Sunday…… Continue reading I found some strongperson friends!

Well… I was after a challenge!

Not so long ago (last week actually) I told you that I had entered another Novice Strongwoman competition (read all about it). I was happy about this, along with a little apprehensive, mainly because I have to figure out an axle clean, and don’t get me wrong I am still happy (and apprehensive) about this,…… Continue reading Well… I was after a challenge!

Project competition ready just got more important…

I started this project with the intention of getting fitter and stronger and feeling ready to compete again. I have been making progress and all that, but the general goal had no end date. Until now that is… Well, maybe not an end date as such but certainly a significant interim milestone… OK, what I…… Continue reading Project competition ready just got more important…

Reminding myself I love deadlifts!

You know me, I deadlift above everything, it is a recurring theme of my training. Or at least it is until recently… Recently, for no real reason I have been putting them off, and because I was putting them off I worried that I would be back in that “almost at 100kg but not quite”…… Continue reading Reminding myself I love deadlifts!

Project Competition Ready / Janathon Update…

Once upon a time there was a person who wanted to be fit enough to dance in a mask, so they set themselves up with a blog and a challenge. This person was all about cardio fitness and quite a bit about shrinking themselves, and consequently a do loads of stuff every day set of…… Continue reading Project Competition Ready / Janathon Update…

Janathon 2022 day 4 & 5: distracted by a ukulele

Yes, a ukulele you read that right! Well actually, to be completely accurate, 2 ukuleles, but that is beside the point! It hasn’t stopped me doing exercise but it has taken up quite a bit of my time… This is extremely likely to be the reason that the exercise I did on day 4 (Tuesday)…… Continue reading Janathon 2022 day 4 & 5: distracted by a ukulele

Janathon 2022: Days 2 & 3

The beginning of January is a strange time, I sort of end up feeling like the year doesn’t actually start until I go back to work. There is probably some sort of deep seated problem with that, and me running my life around work or something, if I decided to explore it… Or it could…… Continue reading Janathon 2022: Days 2 & 3

Janathon 2022: day one – Happy New Year and all that!

Well, it’s 2022 and it has been for almost a whole day and so far so good… As it tradition I have set myself some goals and written them down so I don’t forget. I might forget actually, I sometimes do but writing them down helps! If you’ve been here before, you will notice that…… Continue reading Janathon 2022: day one – Happy New Year and all that!

Project competition ready day 34 & 35

Things are definitely looking up in the moving about stakes… As mentioned, I have been rubbish recently at gettign myself up and going, but I decided that this week would be different and so far it has been. It started on Monday with the Lunchtime shed-gymming and has continued at a pretty satisfactory level so…… Continue reading Project competition ready day 34 & 35