Project Unstoppable Days 8 – 12: Not only yoga…

Mostly yoga, but not only yoga! Day 8 was Wednesday, it was another horrendously rainy rainy day here in the UK! Yes I know we should be used to it but somehow it is even more rainy than normal… This is relevant as it is curtailing my desire to do outside activities. I did however…… Continue reading Project Unstoppable Days 8 – 12: Not only yoga…

I found some strongperson friends!

I’m so happy ’cause today I found my friends… They are not in my head! Ok I met some more strong person friends, Ok, some of the same ones and some new ones… What I am trying to say is that a coach near me has started running a strongman workshop on a Sunday…… Continue reading I found some strongperson friends!

Project Competition Ready: Day 6

Yesterday was personal training Thursday! It turned out to be a cardio and conditioning training session. This it a thing that, much as I know I need to do it to meet my goal, in probably wouldn’t do voluntarily. Well not yet anyway, not while I am just getting back into things. Give me a…… Continue reading Project Competition Ready: Day 6

Happy New Year!

As is now customary, it is my midsummer happy new year post 😀 Well, it had to be done didn’t it! It is a lot happier than last year’s too! I know its late… but its a pretty unconventional Happy New Year post, it can be whenever it likes! A lot has happened in the last…… Continue reading Happy New Year!

Project Warrior Goddess: 2020 and beyond

It’s a whole new beginning for Project Warrior Goddess In light of my break with Mythago and the end of project fit enough to dance in a mask, I decided it was time to have a look at the goals and whatnot associated with Project Warrior Goddess. Reading back over my early blog entries and…… Continue reading Project Warrior Goddess: 2020 and beyond

I’m still worthy!

I have come to realise that to some people, I will always be defined by my weight, as will my capabilities. To some people, it doesn’t matter what I do, and what I say, my weight will always be an issue that needs dealing with. We live in a society where it has become a…… Continue reading I’m still worthy!

So, its been 6 years!

It has been 6 years, to the day, since I published my first post on this blog! As is tradition at times like this I am going to look back on things that have happened in the last year and as, this is technically a new year post (woohoo happy new year everyone) I am…… Continue reading So, its been 6 years!

Remembering why I do this…

This is a post about running. It is also about dancing and me returning to some things that I have let slide a little. I will start with running… I have started the Couch to 5k again. I know, I keep starting running, loving running, hating running, stopping running…repeat and repeat and repeat, but the…… Continue reading Remembering why I do this…

Never let a hot dog dictate your mood!

Its good advice…you know it is! There might be some as yet undefined circumstances where a person’s mood can be profoundly effected by a sausage inna bun* but in general, no. Ok this post isn’t just an elaborate ruse to get (yet another) discworld reference in, I promise! I do have a point. Recently I…… Continue reading Never let a hot dog dictate your mood!

Guess what…

Well this is not going to be a big surprise either tbh… I have signed up for another gym/fitness challenge. This one is run by Iron Warriors Lifting.  The general gist of this challenge is as follows; for a (really quite reasonable) fee you get given: Workouts (which I intend to do alongside my own…… Continue reading Guess what…