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Category: Things to make you think

Yes, brexit is racist.

Yes. Brexit is racist. Of course it is, how is a movement geared around closing our borders and vetting all foreigners before we allow them in anything other than racist? […]

What if…

What if we lived in a world that genuinely disregarded gender as a way to dictate what people should and shouldn’t do. What if we lived in a world where […]

Not guilty!

Have you noticed all the outrageous amount of guilt and worry society in general heaps on people in a myriad of different ways! This post has arisen from a conversation […]

Media manipulation of the masses

This is far to big and vague a subject for jut one blog post… so what I really mean is: Media manipulation of the truth in order to sell health […]

This Girl Can

This post follows on from two posts I have read recently about body image. Both of the posts were on My good friend Nancy’s blog My Year[s] of Sweat one was […]

Still Fighting Assumptions…

I have probably said all this before, but I am going to say it again because it needs saying. It is time we stopped making assumptions about people based on […]