Only thin people are allowed to stay dry…

A tale of the emotional rollercoaster you have to ride just to buy a waterproof jacket. I am going to start this story by telling you some interesting (well useful) background information on the sizes of clothes in the UK and how this relates to the size of women in the UK. I will at…… Continue reading Only thin people are allowed to stay dry…

No more

No more diets No more intentional weight loss No more weight stigma No more believing that I am only worthy if I am thinner No more societal driven focus on the myth that smaller is better and that weight loss is the ultimate goal for everyone’s life and that happiness wears a size 10 (or…… Continue reading No more

Just because I am slow, doesn’t mean I am struggling

I don’t walk fast. I can, but I often don’t. I am short, (which is a closely guarded secret even from myself), and I have a short legs long body sort of arrangement, so despite not seeming that short, my steps are short. This means that when walking with tall people, I either, fall behind,…… Continue reading Just because I am slow, doesn’t mean I am struggling

Yes, brexit is racist.

Yes. Brexit is racist. Of course it is, how is a movement geared around closing our borders and vetting all foreigners before we allow them in anything other than racist? It is also, insular, inward looking, small minded and tied to a past which, at best didn’t exist and at worst is seated in nostalgia…… Continue reading Yes, brexit is racist.

What if…

What if we lived in a world that genuinely disregarded gender as a way to dictate what people should and shouldn’t do. What if we lived in a world where it was socially acceptable to wear whatever you felt like wearing, skirt/trousers/long hair/short/hair/make up/heels/boots/trainers, literally whatever you wanted without being labelled or bullied for being…… Continue reading What if…

Things not to say to another human… (part 1)

Honestly there are a lot of things not to say to another human. I probably can’t list them all. Things like “oooh that looks like you have an alien living inside you” to people who show you their pregnancy ultrasounds (yes I have said that) comparing babies to parasites is also a no-no… I am…… Continue reading Things not to say to another human… (part 1)

Not guilty!

Have you noticed all the outrageous amount of guilt and worry society in general heaps on people in a myriad of different ways! This post has arisen from a conversation I had with a work colleague recently (well not that recently…it was about 6 months ago…). It went something like this: Him: “its starting to…… Continue reading Not guilty!

The case of the murderous biscuit…

Bernard, lived on the wrong side of the biscuit shelf, he was down on his luck and out of favour with the biscuit elite. He used to be the biscuit around town with his super chunky chocolate chips and his velvety cocoalte coating, all the girls would swoon. How, the times have changed, he is…… Continue reading The case of the murderous biscuit…

Media manipulation of the masses

This is far to big and vague a subject for jut one blog post… so what I really mean is: Media manipulation of the truth in order to sell health and fitness programs / supplements / accessories etc… Which I also admit is a massive subject and I can’t hope to cover at once! everyone…… Continue reading Media manipulation of the masses

This Girl Can

This post follows on from two posts I have read recently about body image. Both of the posts were on My good friend Nancy’s blog My Year[s] of Sweat one was about her own perception of body image and the other was a reblogged amazing post written by Beth Teliho they are both worth reading…so go and…… Continue reading This Girl Can