Project Competition Ready: day 16

Monday Monday…da daaa da da da da… Well… it was either that or the Boomtown Rats, and honestly Monday wasn’t so bad that I wanted to shooooot the whole day down! Anyway… Back to the exercise, and the point of the post. Yoga. Yoga is the point of the post… I have been saying…… Continue reading Project Competition Ready: day 16

Janathon 2021 day 7: the return of Shaun T

Banished as I am to my dining room (or working from home if you prefer) I decided to reintroduce a habit that I started during the first lockdown way back in March… Cardio lunchtimes! Today’s cardio session of choice was Alpha Cardio from Focus T25. As well as the jumping about, it was day 6…… Continue reading Janathon 2021 day 7: the return of Shaun T

Janathon 2021 day 3: some yoga.

Today there was some yoga, and a lot of me trying to organise things… However the his post is about Janathon and exercise, so we will leave the organisation until a later date! I had trouble getting into the yoga today, I think it was just one of those days… I did it though and…… Continue reading Janathon 2021 day 3: some yoga.

Janathon 2021 Day 2: Yoga is hard!

I have a sneaky suspicion that I said the same thing a year ago today! I might even have said it 2 and 3 years ago today. It is now a tradition that I (attempt to) complete the 30 day yoga challenge that Adriene Mischler of Yoga with Adriene leads in January. It is different…… Continue reading Janathon 2021 Day 2: Yoga is hard!

Janathon 2020 – Day 5

I did running! Not a New Years resolution just that thing I do every couple of months when I realise I am better if I do a bit of cardio occasionally. I definitely don’t hate running anymore, but it was nice to just go for a run because I wanted to and because it’s good…… Continue reading Janathon 2020 – Day 5

Janathon 2020 – Day 4

In a break with tradition, I made it to the gym on a Saturday 😁. I am going to have to get used to going at unfamiliar times (weekends and evenings and suchlike) in the run up to this comp so I thought I’d start now! It is peculiar, it is full of people I…… Continue reading Janathon 2020 – Day 4

More of the same, and some yoga…

Its all go at Project Warrior Goddess, so much go, that I have designated a new sub-project… it Project Strong Enough to Pull a Truck 🙂 It will get its own page before too long… I have been generally getting on with my strongwoman training, there have been some unusual methods of pulling and carrying…… Continue reading More of the same, and some yoga…

February here we come…

Yes, I know…it is totally already February… but it is still pretty close to the start so it is all good 🙂 After the loveliness that was January with janathon and Yoga Dedicate from Yoga with Adriene and of course, walking 100 miles across the month (well 106 actually but you get the point) I…… Continue reading February here we come…

Janathon day 14: I might be improving…

Today was day 13 of the 30 days of yoga I have been doing, it actually felt good 🙂 not easy, but like I might be improving 😀 The wide legged forward fold made me slightly nostalgic though…I was directed to put my head on the floor if it was possible. It wasn’t…but I wasn’t…… Continue reading Janathon day 14: I might be improving…

Janathon day 12: yoga with cats

Today was a day if doing less than anticipated, less than I planned, and less than I have done the entire rest of the month. But that’s ok, that is the way it goes sometimes… I didn’t do nothing however, I still did yoga 😊 It was a good practice and it involved practicing balance,…… Continue reading Janathon day 12: yoga with cats