Inspiration and Motivation

This page is dedicated to what motivates and inspires me. If you are expecting a page full of platitudes or “meaningful”  phrases superimposed on pictures of skinny people or fat people trying hard then this is not the page for you…anyone can find a picture of an athlete and write “never give up” or “no one ever drowned in sweat” on it…these may all be true, they may be inspiring to some people…they are not inspiring to me. They state the blooming obvious most of the time or are downright patronizing…this page is about real people and real situations and what is making me do what I am doing.

mythago me
Me dancing last October in Lewes..

I will start with my motivation…a lot of this is outlined in the “about” page, but basically I want to be fit enough and light enough to dance. I already dance (see the picture at the top of the page) but I would like to do so without having to cart around quite as much of me when I do…this would make me better, quicker, more energetic and less likely to get injured. I want to be able to look myself in the photograph and say that I am doing everything I can to be fit and healthy.

me trying to look nonchalant and failing
me trying to look nonchalant and failing

Because right now, the best I can do is attempt to convince my self that it is not so bad really…ok…the ones of me dancing are not bad on the face of it but it is under the mask where a face looks at me that I do not recognise… The focus of this project is not to be thin or skinny but to be fit and healthy but I’d be kidding myself if I didn’t admit that fitness and health will be more achievable if I am lighter! The good thing is, the more exercise I do, the more pointless eating crap seems so with a bit of luck and good planning the two things will happen…(yea yeah…hard work blah I know that but don’t want to think of it like that…)

So essentially my motivation to do this comes from me, which, as I understand it s the best place.

Next the things (or people) that inspire me.

Starting with the fittest people I know (probably)…and the people who believe that I know about exercise and can be fit and such even though I am not the skinniest person in the room! (I have just reassessed the people I know…there are a lot of fit people in there so these are the fittest people I know well).

1) Cathy


Cathy is my oldest friend in the world…actually she isn’t she is the same age as me and I know many people older…she is the friend I have known the longest (31 years :-S) and probably the person who knows me best! She is a Medic in the RAF and a PT instructor…she has the highest metabolism of anyone I know and I have seen her out eat many large men. I have also seen her go for an extra walk after a day full of 47 locks (canal ones) and some pt instruction on the towpath just because she has some extra energy! I have been known to channel my inner Cathy when I want to do extra working out!

2) Dan

Dan…on the left…although this is not always the way he stands…

Dan, is one of Mythago’s most prolific dancers and a friend who I have known since before my Mythago days (9 years actually although there was an accidental hiatus in the middle of all that). Dan runs crazy muddy, obstacle filled races for fun and is training to be a personal trainer. He is also the only person I know (and perhaps in the world) who actually likes burpees. He is also the person who I sometimes make text me at stupid o’clock in the morning to get up and exercise as I know he will be doing something suitably energetic before the rest of the world are out of bed!

THe next person inspires me because I know full well that she would support what I am doing and I know that at the times when I have needed to lose weight or get moving…she would (and in fact has) say “it is time to take yourself in hand, you know you can do it”. That person is my Mum:

My Mum 🙂

This is the person who I often think of and would often like to tell about all of the dancing and the exercise and the general fun things I am doing. This is also the person I think of when I want to give up or eat a bucket of chocolate…I have often stopped myself by asking myself what she would say if I did.  I know you would be proud of me and I will give you reason to be eve prouder 🙂

Ok…that is enough of inspiration for now as it could turn out pretty cheesy and I can’t have that. I will add more to this page in time…but that is it for now 😀

I wrote a post recently that tells my story in Haikus, I thought there should be a link to it on this page. So here it is…Hauki Story



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