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Tag: 10k training

It is New Paddington Day!!

For the uninitiated amongst you a Paddington bear in my wierd brain equates to a personal best. There is (un)complicated reasoning involving the similarity of the initial letters of each […]

Extra: May Challenge

      After April’s disastrous get myself up early challenge where I discovered that I might actually be a panda I thought I might choose a challenge for May that […]

Day 300 & 301 Walking and Running

Eeek Long weekend…playing catch-up again! Day 300 (Thursday) Maybe it was all the Paddington Bear excitement, maybe it was the excessive amount of dancing, or maybe it was the fact that […]

Day 278: Insert running reference here

Ok…I was out of title inspiration so just pretend I called this post something awesome and witty! I’ll admit it…the walk only day on Monday did me good! I awoke […]