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Tag: 365 project

Project competition ready: day 24

And then there was running… Well, sort of running, after this long a break from it I ma really not that great at the running just now. But That’s no […]

Project competition ready: day 23

Monday was a double yoga day 😁 A series of minor mishaps made it awkward to go to the gym, so I did two sessions of yoga, one early evening, […]

Project Competition Ready: day 16

Monday Monday…da daaa da da da da… Well… it was either that or the Boomtown Rats, and honestly Monday wasn’t so bad that I wanted to shooooot the whole day […]

Project Competition Ready: Day14 &15

It’s the weekend, and you know what that means… It means lifting up heavy things in the shed gym and putting it down again 😀 Well, actually it doesn’t always […]

Project Competition Ready: Day 13 &14

Day 13, Thursday, was the day that I was abruptly reintroduced to battle ropes after not touching them for quite a few years! Well. I might have touched one, but […]

Project Competition Ready: Day 12

Yesterday was a weird day. I felt like I was wading through treacle and just wanted to hibernate yesterday. Actually come to think of it I didn’t feel like I […]

Project competition ready: day 11

Working and walking same as the other London days… One day I will do exercise other than walking on my days in the office, I promise, but for now just […]