Project Competition Ready: day 16

Monday Monday…da daaa da da da da… Well… it was either that or the Boomtown Rats, and honestly Monday wasn’t so bad that I wanted to shooooot the whole day down! Anyway… Back to the exercise, and the point of the post. Yoga. Yoga is the point of the post… I have been saying…… Continue reading Project Competition Ready: day 16

Project Competition Ready: Day14 &15

It’s the weekend, and you know what that means… It means lifting up heavy things in the shed gym and putting it down again 😀 Well, actually it doesn’t always mean that, but this weekend that is what it meant! Saturday was bench press day, for no reason other than I hadn’t done bench presses…… Continue reading Project Competition Ready: Day14 &15

Project Competition Ready: Day 13 &14

Day 13, Thursday, was the day that I was abruptly reintroduced to battle ropes after not touching them for quite a few years! Well. I might have touched one, but not to do battle ropey things… But at 0745 on Thursday Matt, during my PT session decided to take me at my word when I…… Continue reading Project Competition Ready: Day 13 &14

Project Competition Ready: Day 12

Yesterday was a weird day. I felt like I was wading through treacle and just wanted to hibernate yesterday. Actually come to think of it I didn’t feel like I was literally wading through treacle, that would be horribly sticky! I did feel sluggish and all forward progress was like pushing against something though. In…… Continue reading Project Competition Ready: Day 12

Project competition ready: day 11

Working and walking same as the other London days… One day I will do exercise other than walking on my days in the office, I promise, but for now just adding extra walking at lunch and the addition of a standing desk is helping… That picture shows my walk to the office… it is pretty…… Continue reading Project competition ready: day 11

Project Competition Ready: day 10

Following on from recovery Sunday, today was shoulder pummelling Monday… By which I mean I had a physio/sports massage appointment on my long-standing shoulder injury which stems from the days of waving a large stick around! Physio Matt (who is not the same Matt as trainer Matt) really went to town on my shoulder and…… Continue reading Project Competition Ready: day 10

Project Competition Ready: day 8&9

Saturday, day 8, was double gym day 😁 I booked an open session at Matts gym, followed by a small group PT session. The idea was I’d do things that are awkward in the shed gym in my open session followed by whatever is in the group PT which is usually higher reps and more…… Continue reading Project Competition Ready: day 8&9

Project Competition Ready: day 7

Day 7 was Friday, a day of walking and working in London, much like Tuesday, although I took fewer pictures… Here are some from similar days walked just to keep you going! I’ll post a better update tomorrow I promise 🙂 Day 7 done

Project Competition Ready: Day 6

Yesterday was personal training Thursday! It turned out to be a cardio and conditioning training session. This it a thing that, much as I know I need to do it to meet my goal, in probably wouldn’t do voluntarily. Well not yet anyway, not while I am just getting back into things. Give me a…… Continue reading Project Competition Ready: Day 6

Project competition ready: Day 5

Yesterday was Wednesday, and following in the grand tradition of Wednesdays that may have only existed in my head, I declared it cardio Wednesday. Ok cardio plus some yoga Wednesday. Well actually if you want to be strictly speaking, accurate about it, cardio, plus yoga and a walk Wednesday… I finally, for the first time…… Continue reading Project competition ready: Day 5