Janathon day 29 (insanity max 30 day 18): done

Well today I tried a new thing… Les Mills cxworx I do not recommend it. It is half hearted at best made duller by crappy unenthusiastic instructors who were at best demotivating! (One of them was the same woman from my failed Zumba attempt… you  know the one…it made me write this) I may sound…… Continue reading Janathon day 29 (insanity max 30 day 18): done

Janathon day 20 (Insanity max 30 day 9): Done

As I haven’t done this for a while, I thought I would give you some more detail on my PT session. I decided today was a particularly good day to do this because Matt invented some particularly crazy things for me to do 🙂 Starting with Kettlebells… I love kettlebells, that much must be obvious…… Continue reading Janathon day 20 (Insanity max 30 day 9): Done

Days 350 – 352 Weekend Shenanigns

I like the word shenanigans! it should be used more! after a quick search, I have only used it 3 times this whole year…I should remedy that… Day 450 Friday Friday was a day for walking and running…well…walking and planning to run, then falling asleep, then deciding to run anyway despite it being 8:30 pm!…… Continue reading Days 350 – 352 Weekend Shenanigns