Transform 20

So Project Regain my Springiness, which is what I have decided to call the addition of running and jumping and such to my regime, is go! Yes, it does have to have a name, what sort of project would it be without a name!! So far as part of the project I have started, Shaun…… Continue reading Transform 20

Janathon day 22… It was insane!!

So… This is me now!!    Today’s exercise involved insanity live, and lots of different insanity drill practice and teaching! It was blooming awesome!   It was also a long day, and I will write a proper post telling you all about it soon I promise!!!     Hehe I am an insanity instructor!!! Who’d have…… Continue reading Janathon day 22… It was insane!!

Challenge for 2016

Being the organised sort (ahem…shhhh all of those that know me…the interweb will never know this is a lie), I have already sorted out my first challenge for 2016. It is another scary one, and I am not 100% sure it won’t kill me…but then I did a blummin half marathon and that didn’t (quite)…… Continue reading Challenge for 2016