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Tag: bench press

Another New Paddington Day

woohoo New PB 😀 And…not a deadlift one this time!! My deadlifts have pleataeued, which is annoying but not surprising considering the amount of lower body injuries I gained at […]

Day 176: Stonehenge Dancing Awesomeness!

No, Stonehenge wasn’t dancing…that would have been “Dancing Stonehenge Awesomeness!” and it would have made the papers! It was, of course, Mythago’s, much heralded and anticipated dance out at Stonehenge, […]

Day 162: Owls!

Technically, Owls did not from part of Saturday’s exercise…but they did form a very exciting part of saturday so I thought I would tell you about it 😀 On Saturday […]

Day 148 & 149 Strong lifts and social Sunday

Hello again 🙂 Now for the weekend…and it was a very good weekend too 🙂 Firstly Saturday (day 148) (how traditional…I know!) On Saturday I discovered two things…1) Broadbridge Heath […]

Day 134: Deadlifting awesomeness…

Ok…I apologise for the nonsensical nature of the title…but there were deadlifts and they were awesome (I wasn’t lifting awesomeness as the title implies but shhh), but that will come […]