Day 176: Stonehenge Dancing Awesomeness!

No, Stonehenge wasn’t dancing…that would have been “Dancing Stonehenge Awesomeness!” and it would have made the papers! It was, of course, Mythago’s, much heralded and anticipated dance out at Stonehenge, actually…IN Stonehenge, inside the stones, in that bit the public rarely get to visit except by appointment…yes…that is right, we danced in there 😀 And… Read More Day 176: Stonehenge Dancing Awesomeness!

Day 162: Owls!

Technically, Owls did not from part of Saturday’s exercise…but they did form a very exciting part of saturday so I thought I would tell you about it 😀 On Saturday we went on a bird of prey experience, we met owls and hawks and falcons and other such exciting creatures! We learned about them and… Read More Day 162: Owls!