Reboot day 33: Yoga free Friday…

Well so far anyway… there is actually a very good chance I will be doing some yoga in the next half hour…(I didn't…I fell asleep)But I promised you a non yoga post, and I promised myself a more vigorous exercise-y day. So that is exactly what we have…I am back from my Birmingham adventure and…… Continue reading Reboot day 33: Yoga free Friday…

Reboot day 9: Personal training…with battleropes

Battleropes, and kettlebells, and core bags and bench presses and everything!! So…it is Tuesday, which is PT day, and last week I mentioned that I had told Matt that I needed to do more cardio training. He has taken this on board which is a shame… OK…not it isn’t a shame, I really do need…… Continue reading Reboot day 9: Personal training…with battleropes

Another New Paddington Day

woohoo New PB 😀 And…not a deadlift one this time!! My deadlifts have pleataeued, which is annoying but not surprising considering the amount of lower body injuries I gained at the beginning / middle of 2016! This time it was a bench press PB…yes, thats right I am finally attempting to address the imbalance between…… Continue reading Another New Paddington Day

Day 280: How many gym stereotypes can you fit in to one gym?

I have to say…quite a few! There were the people who worked biceps…only biceps for the whole time I was in the gym…(I know they could be as dedicated to other body parts on different days but still over an hour of bicep curls?). There were the groups of (attempting to be) pumped up looking…… Continue reading Day 280: How many gym stereotypes can you fit in to one gym?

Day 176: Stonehenge Dancing Awesomeness!

No, Stonehenge wasn’t dancing…that would have been “Dancing Stonehenge Awesomeness!” and it would have made the papers! It was, of course, Mythago’s, much heralded and anticipated dance out at Stonehenge, actually…IN Stonehenge, inside the stones, in that bit the public rarely get to visit except by appointment…yes…that is right, we danced in there 😀 And…… Continue reading Day 176: Stonehenge Dancing Awesomeness!

Day 166 (part 1): When you’re ready…

I may have mentioned in the past, the futility of asking to do something when I am ready… I am one of life’s great faffers so ready is much later than people think. The other problem with this, is people say…”when you’re ready, when they mean…now” Apparently I am too literal. 😀 Anyway… This morning…… Continue reading Day 166 (part 1): When you’re ready…

Day 162: Owls!

Technically, Owls did not from part of Saturday’s exercise…but they did form a very exciting part of saturday so I thought I would tell you about it 😀 On Saturday we went on a bird of prey experience, we met owls and hawks and falcons and other such exciting creatures! We learned about them and…… Continue reading Day 162: Owls!

Day 155 & 156 More exercise reduces soreness

Or at least that is what I told myself this weekend! my upper body and core ached crazy amounts (as I have already mentioned) but gymnastics was completely worth it 😀 so this weekend my general philosophy was ignore it and more work will loosen the muscles up and make you feel better…and it worked…… Continue reading Day 155 & 156 More exercise reduces soreness

Day 148 & 149 Strong lifts and social Sunday

Hello again 🙂 Now for the weekend…and it was a very good weekend too 🙂 Firstly Saturday (day 148) (how traditional…I know!) On Saturday I discovered two things…1) Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre has much friendlier people than Pavilions (on of the other ones I go to)…I sort of knew this already but it was reinforced…… Continue reading Day 148 & 149 Strong lifts and social Sunday

Day 134: Deadlifting awesomeness…

Ok…I apologise for the nonsensical nature of the title…but there were deadlifts and they were awesome (I wasn’t lifting awesomeness as the title implies but shhh), but that will come later…first there was running. After a hectic saturday, I finally managed to get out for my run at about 4:30pm…it turns out this was a…… Continue reading Day 134: Deadlifting awesomeness…