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Tag: boxing

Janathon Day 6: Done

Or “ways to avoid getting crushed by a building” It is Tuesday, and we all know what that means…it is PT day of course 🙂 and along with PT comes […]

Year 2, week 7: Workout extravaganza!

Ok…probably not really an extravaganza as such…but  I felt like a change from compendium! Three days last week I was holed up in a training room learning how to put […]

Year 2 Week 6: Workout compendium

Eeeek! Sorry I didn’t get this out last week…I was surprisingly busy and on a first aid course so away from the internet input device at my desk… Well, this […]

Day 347 – 349: Midweek mayhem

Ok…I thought i had better do another smooshed together post Or I will be at the end of the challenge before I get around to telling you all! eeek…It is […]