PWG day 16: Kettlebell fun!

Yes! Kettlebells are fun!! Hard work, but fun 😀 I got to play with them in PT which is always good! We did a HIIT type kettlebell/slam ball/med ball combo type session. It fell in to two main superset/circuits. The first one was simple (but not easy): 24kg kettlebell swing x 12 16kg kettlebell swing…… Continue reading PWG day 16: Kettlebell fun!

Juneathon day 27: WG day 3: complete Insanity

I seem to be a day in arrears… It was the hottest day of the year, I had to go dancing, in kit, so I decided to squeeze my insanity workout in before I went. Well, I committed to the thing so now I have to find a way!! It was insane. The programme really…… Continue reading Juneathon day 27: WG day 3: complete Insanity