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More of the same, and some yoga…

Its all go at Project Warrior Goddess, so much go, that I have designated a new sub-project… it Project Strong Enough to Pull a Truck 🙂 It will get its […]

PWG day 16: Kettlebell fun!

Yes! Kettlebells are fun!! Hard work, but fun 😀 I got to play with them in PT which is always good! We did a HIIT type kettlebell/slam ball/med ball combo […]

Juneathon day 13: dancing and walking

well it was wednesday…so I danced 😀 it was practice for the coming weekend’s festivities in the Isle of Wight 😀 It was a variable practice where I danced ok […]

Day 286: 6am is so early!!!

Yes, I am aware that there are many people who get up earlier than this regularly. That changes nothing about my feelings towards 6am! However, drag myself out of bed […]