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Tag: Challenges

So, I did the thing…

You know…the thing where I had to walk, in a bra, overnight… yeah…that thing… OK…I sort of did the thing… I am really annoyed and angry to tell you that […]

Second challenge of 2016 sorted…

I have decided I need to challenge my self more in the coming year. I faffed around a lot this year, after the big half marathon crazy challenge I mostly […]

Things to do in 2015

No, I am not making new years resolutions. I don’t do that! I start things when I think of them and consider that every day can be a new start […]

Extra: That was May, this is June…

Well…that was May, that really flew by didn’t it! What a month it was, with 3 weekends of dancing and 1 weekend of training training, it was the end of […]