53 tonnes!

One month ago I pulled a massive, 53 tonne truck!! I have been meaning to tell you about it since then because it is one of the best things I have ever done and I am super proud of myself! This post is not about false modesty and any of that stuff, this post is…… Continue reading 53 tonnes!

Well this came around quick!

So, this morning, I saw this and it scared me! This is not as many days as I would like there to be between me and 13.1 miles of “running” (yes it does need quotes…it will at best be run/walk intervals!) It was bad enough in February when these arrived through the post… I received…… Continue reading Well this came around quick!

Challenge Number 1 (the colourful one)

Good afternoon 🙂 I have decided that along with the overall challenge of working out in some form or other for an entire 365 consecutive days, I will keep my motivation up with extra challenges. These could be anything health and fitness related, from running in events, to yoga, to eating only prawns for a…… Continue reading Challenge Number 1 (the colourful one)