A mountainous adventure!

I haven’t come up with a plan yet, so I thought I would tell you about some of the things I actually have been doing over the past couple of months… there will be tales of daring and dancing and shenanigans! First mountains, and daring… Not so far in the dim and distant past I…… Continue reading A mountainous adventure!

Day 326: Finally forsaking the fitbit

As you may or may not know, the Fitbit Force was recalled by the company in February this year. It had been causing skin reactions in some people. I ignored this, assuming it couldn’t be that bad. After 2 months of progressively worsening itchy wrists I have finally decided that I should send the thing…… Continue reading Day 326: Finally forsaking the fitbit

Day 244: Craggy Island

I awoke on Thursday morning slightly less convinced that morris dancing cures colds… I still had a cough…but I was not going to be deterred by such things and Thursday is now climbing day 😀 so after work and suchlike Jen and I set off on our merry way to Craggy Island in Guildford, which…… Continue reading Day 244: Craggy Island

Day 237: Dizzy new heights

On 31st July 2011 I fell down a mountain and broke my leg. (I can’t remember whether I have mentioned this before but I did. ) The mountain was Helvellyn in the Lake District, the fall was about 5m downwards over rocks into a stream and the activity was scrambling. Scrambling (for the uninitiated) being…… Continue reading Day 237: Dizzy new heights