Second challenge of 2016 sorted…

I have decided I need to challenge my self more in the coming year. I faffed around a lot this year, after the big half marathon crazy challenge I mostly bimbled along maintaining my fitness but not really improving. I did other things, like getting Real Fitness off the ground, but for my own fitness…… Continue reading Second challenge of 2016 sorted…

Challenge Updates

Challenge 1…the colourful one. I have already written about this, I challenged myself to complete the colour run in Brighton in September…and I did it! You can read about it here…there are pictures and everything 🙂 This challenge wasn’t really the one I wanted to update you on. Challenge 2…the scary one. This was the…… Continue reading Challenge Updates

Day 83(part 1): turns out I can run faster than can walk

Good Morning 🙂 Yesterday, during my normal morning edging into lunchtime dilemma, I was trying to decide whether to go for a run or not. I was scheduled to run, but I ran Tuesday and Wednesday and had quite tight feeling calves and hamstrings. I was in two minds and they were arguing. On the…… Continue reading Day 83(part 1): turns out I can run faster than can walk

Challenge Number 1 (the colourful one)

Good afternoon 🙂 I have decided that along with the overall challenge of working out in some form or other for an entire 365 consecutive days, I will keep my motivation up with extra challenges. These could be anything health and fitness related, from running in events, to yoga, to eating only prawns for a…… Continue reading Challenge Number 1 (the colourful one)

Day 31: extra dancing in kitchen

Good evening 🙂 It is Monday so officially it is circuit training day, but  first I have to mention that this fitbit thingummy  has had a peculiar effect on me! Because I now have this little gadget on my wrist reminding me how active (or not active) I have been, I am attempting to find…… Continue reading Day 31: extra dancing in kitchen