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Tag: core strength

Core Considerations

Lately I have been considering core strength… and gingerbread houses… and kittens… but for the purposes of this blog post, lets stick to core strength shall we 🙂 although kittens […]

Day 204 & 205 Awesome Wassailing Weekend

Hello again 🙂 It was (as you may have guessed from the title) a pretty awesome weekend! I will explain wassailing for the uninitiated in due course, but without further […]

Day 133: That Friday feeling…

You all know that Friday feeling…the one that you get at the end of the working week when you realise that it is the weekend…well I didn’t get that this […]

Day 86: The Sunday after the race before

Good morning 🙂 I awoke Sunday morning expecting extremely achy legs, and was pleasantly surprised! I had tight calves (but then I always have tight calves) and hamstrings (but they […]